Explosion Isolation


Passive Explosion Barrier Valve – Diverter – Active Quick Sliding Valve – Chemical Barrier

Most processes involve interconnection with associated vessels. To prevent propagation to other vessels, it is essential to apply appropriate explosion isolation devices to prevent flame, spark and/or pressure from transmitting to the other vessels. For the very best in explosion isolation solutions, view our full range below.

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Quick-sliding Valve

The ATEX Quick-Sliding Gate Valve (Slam-Shut Valve) is a fast-acting valve, capable of stopping a fire or explosion from travelling through pipelines. The valve is used with a controller and a spark detection or other explosion detection device to form an active fire and explosion protection system.


The New ATEX Explosion Barrier Valve

The new float valve from ATEX is the definitive explosion barrier. Its innovative poppet & lock feature means almost no maintenance is required, with dust volume and blockage no longer an issue.


Explosion Diverter

The TV Explosion Diverter from ATEX is a mechanical explosion isolation device which protects duct work and associated vessels by venting flame and pressure to a safe area thus minimising the detrimental effects of pressure piling and flame jet ignition.


Powder Isolation

ATEX Dry Chemical or Hot Water Explosion Isolation Systems provide an effective means of isolating the flame front growth of an advancing deflagration. With the same features as an ATEX Suppression system they suppress the advancing flame front and mitigate the advancing pressure wave.

If you are unsure what level of explosion isolation is required for your operation, talk to us today and we’ll find the right solution for your specific needs

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