Flameless Venting panels


The EasyQuench Flameless Venting Panels systems from ATEX, offer a safe and effective venting solution for explosion protection of indoor and outside locations, where a safe area cannot be established, near other hazardous processes or in personnel areas. It uses a stainless steel mesh filter to quench vented explosions and arrest flames.

Like all services from ATEX Explosion Hazards, we offer support and maintenance. The EasyQuench Flameless vents from Atex offers the latest in flameless venting technology to give your operation the protection it needs.


Modular construction for easy access to inspect, clean and maintain.

Fameless Vents – Features:

  • Ideal for small volume venting inside buildings.
  • Low cost installation and reconditioning after actuation.
  • First flameless vent to KST 500 bar m/s @ 10 barg, Pred to 2.3barg to EN16009 2011
  • Stand-alone, passive protection system.
  • Single integrated unit reduces the need for costly suppression systems.
  • Full compliance with NFPA and European requirements.

Available Options

  • Our flameless vents come in a wide range of 8 sizes 170 x 470mm to 589 x 920mm
  • Available in Painted Steel or Stainless steel bodies.
  • Integrated break-wire monitoring as standard (can be used to actuate secondary protection devices).
  • Durable Sanitary cover
  • Curved vent assemblies to minimise crevices and profiled to vessel curvature.


The EasyQuench Flameless Vents System was developed in response to a specific need, i.e. explosion venting inside buildings. Traditional explosion venting technologies require a safe venting area (usually outdoors), where there is no risk of secondary explosions or harm to personnel. Explosion vented plant has to be ducted out to a designated (external) safe area (usually within 3 to 6 metres). The only alternative was to strengthen vessels to withstand greater explosion pressures and/or to install relatively expensive explosion suppression systems.

The EasyQuench design allows venting of explosions without the attendant risks of an external fireball and without the use of vent ducts. It is essentially a flame-arrester comprising a porous, heat-absorbing medium in the form of an arched quench box. The vented explosion enters the box, the gases are cooled as they pass through the porous medium, dust is filtered out and the flame is quenched. 

The EasyQuench Flameless Vent from ATEX offer an incredibly effective flameless venting solution for your operation.

For more information on Flameless Venting systems, Contact ATEX Explosion Hazards today to find the right solution for your needs.