Coal, Cement & Steel: Dust Explosion Venting

The Very Best in Explosion Venting for the Coal, Cement and Steel Industry

The cement and steel industries have a long association with coal as a source of heat in their kiln plant but now they experience the changing times of more sustainable fuels sources from tyres to sludge pellets.

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Cement, Steel, Coal & Sustainable Energy: Venting Doors

The Re-closing Door Method

Since most of the plant is located outside venting is not a major problem but they need to vent a lot of kinetic energy from the mills to filter to silos and prevent the reintroduction of flesh air after the explosion event to minimise subsequent fires or secondary explosions.  The most popular choice for endurance and efficiency is the Thorwesten self re-closing vent doors and flame diverters. Vent 1 vents the primary explosion force reducing the velocity to the filter.  Vent 2 deverts the resultant flame from the Filter.

The Filter and silo are then vented as individual components without the concern of flame jet ignition. Many of these systems are further protected by inerting using Nitrogen or CO2.  Important in these industries are the durability of the explosion door and its unique self re-closing feature to prevent the ingress of air after the explosion, minimising the potential fire damage.


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