Explosion Protection Services


The Complete range of ATEX Services


With nearly 50 years of providing Explosion Hazard Services to the process industry, we have a wide range of expertise within our Group of companies.


Since ATEX and DSEAR regulations have become mandatory, many equipment manufacturers and end users have approached us for a turnkey service.  They are particularly annoyed about the large quantity of “New Experts” who have suddenly sprung up, offering ATEX/DSEAR services.  Many of these have only a 2 day ATEX course and some minimal industrial experience to offer, as competency in Explosive Atmosphere Compliance.

This can be very costly for the end user, as they end up with large, indigestible reports with many general statements copied from the relevant legislation and an over Zoned plant. This will make more work for them, paying out more money in time and equipment to satisfy the reports requirements, which may not be appropriate to their industry circumstances.


In response to this demand we at ATEX Explosion Hazards limited have put together a comprehensive range of services to satisfy all your ATEX/DSEAR compliance requirements:


  • Preliminary Survey;

To find out do you have an ATEX compliance issue and if necessary go to site to do a preliminary survey, to identify your probable needs.

  • Product testing;

Since we need the data to design the Explosion protection/prevention systems everyday, we can identify exactly what product testing you need, at cost effective prices.

  • Area Zoning;

We have nearly 50 years of experience in many industries, so we know how to identify the appropriate Hazardous Area classification for your plant, appropriate to your processes. If we are not familiar with your process, we can find an appropriate expert.

  • Risk assessment;

To identify the likelihood that an explosive atmosphere will occur and in that event,that the possible sources of ignition will be present and effective. This is critical to quantifying good explosion prevention and protection measures.

  • Process plant and Associated Equipment

Identify whither your existing plant is appropriate under ATEX regulations and that it is fit for purpose.  This involves assessment of mechanical and electrical integrity e.g. vessel pressure integrity, the selection of the appropriate equipment for the designated Zones & the safe condition of that Equipment.

  • Explosion Protection Document;

Under ATEX (DSEAR) you will need to document your Organisational and Technical measures to ensure safety in Explosive atmospheres. This &/or similar documentation must be available for inspection by the relevant authorities.

  • Explosion Protection and Prevention

Once you have defined your basis of safety, we are able to offer you the explosion prevention and protection measures necessary to be ATEX complaint.

  • Training



It has always been our experience, that people cause explosions not plant.  Workers must be instructed in safe work in or near hazardous areas. Well-trained workers greatly increase safety at work. Any deviation from the desired process can be detected, and hence corrected, more quickly.



We can use nearly 50 years of experience to make you a safe ATEX compliant company