Explosion Prevention for the Dairy Industry

Prevention by ACOM and Protection by Hot Water suppression.

Atex Explosion Hazards offers the very best in explosion protection and prevention for the dairy industry. Find out how to protect your operation below and get the right solution for your needs today.


In the dairy industry the biggest hazard for Dust explosions are the Milk Dryers.  The primary ignition source for milk powder is its self heating ability.  By sensing the by products of this pre-combustion process, using our ATEX CO Monitoring (ACOM) system, we can pick up differential CO readings between the air intake (the reference) and the exhaust air (Sample) of the drying plant down to 1 parts per million PPM in typical 150,000 m3/h volumes.  This early detection system is now becoming the most popular system of choice in fire detection systems in the dairy drying sector.



Co-Detection Covers The Whole Endangered Process Equipment.
Increase In The Delta Co Value Indicates Thermal  Decomposition Of The Product With The Beginning Of A Smouldering Fire.


In the event that an explosion has started in the dairy dryer, it is critical that the effects are protected to below the vessel strength and from propagating to associated plant.  In large installations sometimes exceeding 1,000m3 explosion venting with Doors or Rupture Panels is the preferred choice but if a safe vent area cannot be achieved then Hot Water suppression is now becoming the preferred system of choice for large volume protection versus the more common general purpose powder suppression which is preferable for small to medium volume protection.


Explosion in the Drying Chamber is vented safely outside of the building. Prevent propagation of the flame to the associated plant.  If venting is not possible suppression using Hot water is preferred by the Dairy industry especially on the duct work and fluidbeds.  This in conjunction with isolation barriers and ACOM prevention is a total safety concept.

We can use nearly 50 years of experience to make you a safe ATEX compliant company