Explosion Venting


Explosion Venting Panels, Explosion Doors and Flameless Venting

Pressure explosion venting devices limit the over-pressure and mitigate damage to process equipment by controlled venting of the excess pressure to a safe area. Atex explosion venting systems offer an economical, cost-effective means for explosion prevention. From explosion vent panels and flameless venting systems to explosion doors, we have the latest and best in explosion venting technology.

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Explosion Doors

The TV Explosion Door from ATEX is a high performance explosion venting solution for aggressive environments. It provides economical explosion relief and prevents secondary fire damage from oxygen intake by rapidly reclosing after the explosion is vented.


Explosion Vent Panels

ATEX explosion vent panels are designed to provide cost-effective pressure relief preventing overpressure damage to the vessel wall. Get the very best in explosion vent panels today.


Flameless Explosion Venting

ATEX Flameless Vents are a cost effective alternative to applications where venting flame into a room or designated area is not acceptable. No burnt or unburnt dust passes, minimising high temperatures avoiding the need for expensive explosion ducts or access to outside safe vent areas.  Applications upto Kst 500barm/s, Pmax 10 barg, Pred 2.3barg and typical Pstat 0.1barg.

Explosion Venting – Cost-Effective, Versatile and Robust

Explosion venting is by far the most innate protection system for your operation and as stated, are highly economical. This is especially true for explosion vent panels.

Explosion venting systems can be utilised in spaces where the pressure can be safely transferred outside.

They may either be designed for single use (Standard Non-Fragmenting (Explosion Vent Panels) or repeated use (Explosion Doors).

These devices are mounted in a way that protects workers and facilities from the effects of an explosion.

Systems should preferably be designed during the planning stages of a process or facility. If the process equipment is required inside the facility and the distance to an external safe venting area is too great we can provide a flameless vent using the ATEX Flameless Venting System.

Explosion venting is a vital component in safeguarding your operation from the risks of explosion. Knowing what equipment your factory or mill needs is key to this process.

If you’re unsure what type of explosion venting your operation needs, the team at Explosion Hazards will find the right solution for your specific needs.

Get the very best in explosion vent panels, explosion doors and flameless venting systems today. Contact Explosion Hazards now.

To meet your legal obligations, explosion venting has to be carried out in conjunction with suitable isolation systems.

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