Chemical & Pharmaceutical: Powder Explosion Suppression Venting Isolation Silos Filters LEV mills pipelines


Due to the hazardous nature of the products in these industries, a very strict regime of prevention through process control, Inerting and containment is in place. Consequently we sell most of our ATEX Quick Sliding valves and the ATEX Float valve to this sector.  It is critical to maintain the integrity of the plant and prevent propagation of spark, flame or pressure, when the consequential loss of life from the hazard itself is so high.


In the chemical/pharma industry most equipment is designed to 10 bar containment. In the illustration above the ATEX Quick Sliding valves are installed between the mill and the filter, which are actuated by a signal from the ATEX detectors PXD1 and PXD2. On the clean side of the filter to the fan, an ATEX Float Valve is installed actuated by the velocity of the explosion pressure. All the remaining explosion pressure/flame paths are isolated by ATEX certified rotary valves.