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Best Products: Venting, Powder Suppression and Isolation

The primary risk in any food and beverage plant are mill fires followed by explosions in the elevators, filters and silos with a danger of flame propagation through out. In the event that an explosion has started from e.g. friction or mechanical action, Flameless venting indoors or Powder (sodium bicarbonate) extinguishing and chemical barriers is the suppressant of choice.

The Protection Method

Using the ATEX BEEP (Bucket Elevator Explosion Protection) concept, many grain intake systems are vented outside, with Chemical Barriers on the inlet and discharge screws. Grain is fed into the Mill with powder suppression on the mills plus flameless venting on the Grist case below. Venting outside is not always feasible. Finished product is stored outside via blow lines or elevators.  Many recent tests and incidents qualify the damage from unprotected finished product equipment.

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