Explosion Vent Panels


ATEX explosion vent panels are designed to provide cost-effective pressure relief, preventing explosion overpressure damage to your plant.

Letting off pressure! Controlled weakness for more safety


Explosion venting is by far the most innate protection system for most plant design as it is perceived as the most economical solution. This is especially true for the ATEX explosion vent panels.


ATEX Explosion venting systems can be utilised in spaces where the pressure can be safely transferred outside by an explosion duct to a safe vent area. All Explosion Vent panels are designed for single use applications, so access to spares is essential. ATEX Explosion Hazards is known to offer one of the best delivery options to its customers.

These devices are mounted in a way that protects workers and plant from the detrimental effects of an explosion. Systems should preferably be designed during the planning stages of a process or facility. If the process equipment is required inside the facility and the distance to an external safe venting area is too great we can provide a flameless vent using the ATEX Flameless Venting System. Venting panel come in many sizes and shapes.  If we do not have your size on the shelf we can customize to your needs.  Options and accessories include Round, Rectangular or Square Panels curved to your plant profile, Thermal insulation, Weather protection, vacuum support and safety grids, various types of Burst sensors and gaskets seals.

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Explosion venting is a vital component in safeguarding your operation from the consequences of explosion. Knowing what equipment your mill, dryer, cyclone, filter or Silo needs is key to this design process. If you’re unsure about what type of explosion venting your operation needs, the team at ATEX Explosion Hazards will find the right solution for your specific needs. ATEX Explosion Hazards limited has over 42 years of experience in offering venting solutions to a wide range of customers. We are confident that with our long industrial experience, in Food & Dairy, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Power generation & Cement coal and Biomass, Wood, Waste and Water, Brewing and Confectionary, we will be able to satisfy all your explosion venting needs at cost effective prices.

We can use nearly 50 years of experience to make you a safe ATEX compliant company