Certification of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

This presentation outlines the necessary steps required for you to assess and certify your equipment under the following directives:

  • 1999/92/EC – ATEX 137 – This directive aims to establish many harmonising minimum requirements for improving the safety and health  of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres
  • 2014/34/EN – Equipment and Protective systems intended for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres

In particular, it clarifies the duties that the end-user/plant operator/design authority has under DSEAR, the responsibilities of the supplier under EPS and the Operators responsibilities when ordering. It also reviews how to classify and certify different types of equipment as well as identifying key problems with the regulations themselves.

The guide concludes with a clear set of actions that you need to take if your risk assessment determines that your equipment requires explosion protection under the new guidelines.

If you are responsible for assessing or certifying equipment under the new ATEX Directives, then this is the guide for you.

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