Explosion Suppression Systems


Hot Water Explosion Suppression Systems & Dry Chemical Powder

Explosion Suppression Systems are fast fire extinguishing system that detects the explosion pressure in a protected plant and mitigates the flame/pressure damage to an acceptable level. For the very best in explosion suppression solutions, view our full range of ATEX solutions below.

See our full range of expert Explosion Suppression Systems from ATEX.


Hot Water Advanced Inerting System

The ATEX Hot Water explosion suppression system is an innovative solution to the complex problem of non-contaminating explosion suppression in large volumes especially suited to the Dairy industry. Superheated water is released under pressure to quickly disperse microscopic droplets over a large area creating an inert atmosphere which immediately extinguishes flame.


Dry Chemical Explosion Suppression System

ATEX’s Dry Chemical-based Advanced Explosion Suppression Systems offer multi-purpose, high efficiency suppressor, discharging non-toxic flame-extinguishing powder into the protected plant using fast acting non-explosively actuated valves.

Why ATEX Explosion Suppression Systems are the right choice for you

Explosion suppression systems throughout industry have had a bad reputation for the unwanted false activation with the phantom cause. ATEX systems have advanced to a superior level of diagnostics virtually eliminating these unwanted phantom operations.

ATEX explosion suppression systems are the only type of system to be independently certified to meet the ANSI SIS SIL Level 2 requirements. In short if a device cannot be supervised for functionality it must be of redundant supply. For instance Gas Generators cannot by definition be fully supervised so SIS requires redundancy and ATEX has complied with redundant Gas Generator on all suppressors.

The ATEX Detection and Control System provide the most user friendly and powerful diagnostic tool in the industry. The ATEX Decentralized Modular System allows for ultimate flexibility. Expansion does not require the redesign of the system.

ATEX PXD Sensors continually monitor the process for over pressure developments on dynamic and static bases. In addition a heartbeat signal is continually monitored to insure the reliability of the device. Through sophisticated exclusive algorithms ATEX sensors can filter out most electrical spikes and variances that would normally cause false activations with analog sensors.

The last four real time alarm curves for each PXD Sensor are stored for review and analysis. Only with the curves from both sensors on an independent basis can detection signals be evaluated and compared for proper response. Besides Control Unit Diagnostic LED’s for each sensor they can be individually interrogated on command for settings, real time pressure and sensor history.

ATEX Suppressors

All ATEX Suppressors are addressable devices with advanced monitoring techniques. While some systems still use old series wired supervision the ATEX addressable system provides distinct functional benefits.

Each sensor is interrogated independently for pressure, Lock Status, Computer Integrity, Voltage Supply, Capacitor Firing Current and Gas Generator Integrity. In additional if a fault occurs

the ATEX APLOG software allows the user to interrogate each suppressor for all of the above readings.

All suppressors offer the exclusive ATEX reusable valve system. Refurbishment requires New Chemical, Gas Generators, New “O” Rings and a Teflon Disk. Expensive Rupture Disks are not required. And with the pre-measured agent packages reconditioning can be done easily by plant personnel.


Dry Chemical (Powder) Suppression DCS

ATEX Dry Chemical Suppressors provided in 4, 20 and 35 Liter sizes store the Dry Chemical and are super pressurized to 900 psi with Dry Nitrogen.


Hot Water Suppressors

ATEX Hot Water Suppressors were specifically designed for the Dairy Drying Industry. With water stored in a temperature and pressure controlled unit, it provides a unique advantage in larger vessels. Before the advent of HWS DCS were used on these vessels. But the DCS had two major drawbacks discharge distance as they were practically limited to 10 feet of throw as the discharge velocity was constantly decreasing after release from the suppressor. It also required a large amount of cleanup. The HWS do not have a cleanup problem. On release the Water flashes to a vapor accelerating and providing an unobstructed discharge pattern in the vessel making it ideal for the large vessel volume.


Hygienic Discharge Spreaders

ATEX flush discharge spreaders provide a sanitary process condition during normal process operations. On release the spreader penetrates into the vessel.

If you’re unsure which explosion suppression systems are right for your operation, contact us today and we’ll find the right the solution for your specific needs.

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