ATEX CO Monitoring Explosion Prevention Systems & Spark Detectors

All active explosion prevention and protection systems require a range of sensors to actuate them. For fire and explosion prevention and protection systems the principle sensors are the unique ATEX CO monitor ACOM, flame and spark detection, break wire normally fitted to Explosion vents and the ATEX  Pressure eXplosion Detection PXD .

Explosion Prevention System

ATEX CO Monitoring – Fire and Explosion Prevention System

Operating experience in the Dairy industry shows, that the primary source of ignition for fires or dust explosions in drying installations for milk, or in secondary installations such as filters and dust precipitators, are smoldering spots or self-igniting milk products. The Atex CO detection system uses advanced carbon monoxide (CO) sensors to detect early stages of powder combustion before a fire or explosion can be ignited. This allows the problem to be resolved either manually or automatically, reducing fire and explosion protection costs.

Explosion Prevention Sensor


Spark Detection and Explosion Prevention System

Spark Explosion Prevention SystemThe Spark Detection and Extinguishing System from Atex is an effective and economical detection method for ignition sources in transit. It prevents explosions in attached vessels by quenching the spark within the ductwork.

Assume you have a bag filter in the middle of the plant which cannot be vented. You need a slam shut valve in the inlet to prevent over pressure back down the duct and suppression on the filter to extinguish the explosion. These will require the ATEX pressure eXplosion Detector PXD. This Ceramic Rate of Rise detector is modular and can be configured in PXD 1, 2 or 3 sensor and /or combinations.  As a 2 out of 3 option, it has redundancy and can dramatically reduce the possibility of spurious operations. Individual Sensors can be located up to 10 meters apart to reduce mechanical impact.

Explosion Prevention Video

The milk dryer has a problem with exothermic build up resulting in glowing nests. Apply an ATEX CO monitor to snese CO alarm, shutdown the dryer or actuate a fire extinguishing system.

If you are milling timber and blowing it into a silo you do not want sparks or flame reaching the silo from entrapped material. Then apply a spark detection system.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

We can use nearly 50 years of experience to make you a safe ATEX compliant company