Silo fire requires deployment of fire brigades, technical relief organisation and German Red Cross

On Friday afternoon, June 7, 2024, an operation took place at the Bindewald company in Bischheim that posed great challenges even for the experienced emergency services of the volunteer fire department. When the alarm code “industrial fire – silo” appeared on the radio pager, the alerted forces had no idea what dimensions this operation would take.

Upon arrival, the first units to arrive found a seemingly quiet silo filled with pellets. For unknown reasons, a smoldering fire had broken out inside. After assessing the situation and consulting those responsible, it became clear that there were 250 tons of pellets that had to be extinguished in a controlled manner outside the silo.

First, the technology of the storage facility could be used and the contents of the silo could be slowly emptied and extinguished to about three quarter

When the technology for emptying the silo failed, the firefighters grabbed shovels and took matters into their own hands to empty the pellets.

During this operation, there was a strong development of smoke from the interior, which prompted the operations manager to withdraw the helpers…..

Shortly afterwards, an explosion occurred in the 40-meter-high silo. All of this presented the fire departments with an immense challenge in terms of firefighting tactics. The silo’s height of ten floors, its thick concrete walls and the enormous risk of fire made the operation particularly difficult.

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