Dust explosion injures 3 at US food processing factory

An explosion at a food processing plant in Arkansas, US injured three workers on October 15 and caused damage to the facility’s structure. The blast happened in a building used to store rough and milled rice at a facility owned by food manufacturer Riceland.

The blast happened at around 17:20 local time and left three workers with minor injuries, a statement from Riceland said. The statement added that the blast is thought to have been caused by an accumulation of grain dust, accompanied by some sort of spark.

Although the facility uses equipment to minimise and capture dust, the statement said that explosions can still happen and is just one of the hazards of handling rough grain.

The injured workers were treated by paramedics at the scene and were released shortly after.

An investigation into the incident has been opened. Riceland’s statement said that if any corrective procedure is required, then it would take the necessary measures to keep its workers safe.


Article Source: http://www.hazardexonthenet.net/article/181488/Dust-explosion-injures-3-at-US-food-processing-factory.aspx

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