The whole building shook”: State police investigating explosion in Elverson, Chester County


ELVERSON, Pa. – Over a dozen employees were on the job at Vixen Hill Manufacturing, a company that makes gazebos and exterior products in Elverson, Chester County when they say a spark set fire to sawdust and caused an explosion.

“The whole building shook. There was a lot of smoke. I saw it was on fire, so I called 911,” said manager Ian Macbride, with Vixen Hill Manufacturing.

Multiple area fire crews responded, led by the Twin Valley Fire Department.

“We immediately called for a second alarm due to the heat and the time of day to get more manpower here,” said Chief Jason Brooks with the Twin Valley Fire Department.

“We were able to establish a water supply on the main street.”

Fire crews say two-thirds of the facility sustained damage and it continued to burn well after the explosion.

“Yes, it is still burning underneath the roof line where it collapsed but it’s not extended, at this point it’s under control,” Brooks said.

Both fire crews on the scene and at the manufacturing facility continue to say how fortunate it is that no one was hurt.

“There were some guys relatively close to it. There might have been a truck damaged as well,” Macbride said.

“An employees truck was parked near the bag house but thankfully nobody was injured.”

County and state officials are investigating what caused the spark.


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