Two Dust Explosion Incidents in Scotland

Two recent explosion incidents in Scotland have one again highlighted the importance of explosion safety across a range of industries. A serious explosion at James Jones & Sons in Forres left seven men injured, including three firefighters. The initial incident was followed by a second, larger explosion, which injured the firefighters attempting to control the scene. The explosion is thought to have originated from a wood dust storage silo on the site.

This incident followed another serious explosion in Edinburgh Napier’s Merchiston campus which forced hundreds of students to be evacuated earlier this month. Once again, a small fire (caused by overheating woodwork equipment) caused the initial incident, which then led to a larger explosion. The second explosion was caused by a buildup of sawdust and debris from the initial fire being lodged in the extraction system. Burning sawdust caused thick smoke logging in the building, which presented a challenge to firefighters on the scene.











Both of these incidents highlight a lack of education and awareness around the issue of dust explosions. Although they are not commonplace, dust explosions are potentially devastating and can occur in any number of industries, as outlined here.

If you’re unsure about whether your workplace is up to explosion protection standards, take the time to contact us and ensure that you’re protected against any potential explosions.


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