Explosion in Evendale, Cincinatti Shows the Dangers of Grain Elevators

A major explosion in Cincinnati shows the real world effects of what can happen with grain elevators and the importance of having the proper explosion prevention equipment in place. When we compare this event to the many explosion tests that have been carried out with grain elevators you can see just how frighteningly similar the real world effect is.

The Bunge Limited Explosion

The explosion broke out at Bunge Limited in Sharod Road on the 21st of August.

There were major disturbances to local businesses in Evendale and Sharonville, Cincinatti at the Bunge Limited factory, when a grain elevator explosion occurred causing a massive blast, quickly blowing out all of the facility’s windows

The large blast shook the foundations of the neighbouring area, enveloping it in thick black smoke. The blast occurred at 11:30 am with firefighters entering the building at 13:30 to combat the flames.

Every member of staff at Bunge Limited had to be evacuated (9 total that day) as well as many nearby businesses within an eight of a mile to avoid any secondary explosions.

Bunge Limited is a supplier of poultry, food service and livestock industries. The brand itself has 400 operations across the globe and over 35,000 staff across the network. It utilises grain elevators which are notorious for attracting large quantities of combustible grain dust. The massive blast caused major damage to the facility and many nearby businesses had to close as a result.

Workers in the area reported hearing the loud explosions and seeing the thick smoke in the air – quickly taking to social media. Yet no cause has been fully determined and in actual fact, Fire Chief Mike Hanuk has described the grain level inside the building as “low”.

However, showing just how dangerous the extreme heat caused by grain elevator explosions truly is, the fire rekindled the next day causing firefirghters to return to the scene.

Grain Elevator Explosions

Thankfully no one was injured this time round butif fire hot spots are not controlled correctly in grain elevators, the situation can exacerbate to another explosion or an even bigger fire.

The blast perfectly demonstrates the very real effects of what can happen with grain elevators if they are not maintained correctly. We have shown many times in technical demonstrations the powerful effects of grain elevator explosion when the correct explosion prevention measures are not in place and it is amazing to see how similar the blast is in real life to explosion testing. See below:

When you compare this incident with our test footage, both facilities suffered from the exact same type and level of explosion. Extensive testing has shown time and time again the exact effects of a grain elevator explosion.

This proves just how important it is to have the correct explosion prevention measures in place.

Grain Elevators are used to store grains post-harvest until they are sold. They attract dangerous levels of combustible grain dust and due to the nature of the machinery involved to store the grains, are often located by a heat source.

Explosion Panels and Flameless Venting solutions are typically the first port of call for grain elevators but you may need more. If you are in doubt, talk to Explosion Hazards today. We’ll find the right solution for your needs.

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