ATEX Explosion Protection Services

Nearly 50 years expertise making you a safe ATEX compliant company

Our Fire & Explosion Protection Services

Explosion Venting

Releasing pressure and/or flame through predetermined openings to a safe area.

Explosion Suppression

Explosion Detection & fast fire extinguishing of an explosion, in its early stages.

Explosion Isolation

Prevent the propagation of flame, pressure &/or spark from one vessel to another.

Explosion Prevention

Organisational & technical measure to reduce the possibility of an explosion.


Atex Explosion Hazards offers the very best in explosion protection and prevention for the dairy industry.

Food & Beverage

The primary risk in any food and beverage plant are mill fires followed by explosions in the elevators...

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Due to the hazardous nature of the products in these industries a very strict regime of prevention through...


The cement and steel industries have a long association with coal as a source of heat in their kiln plant...

Biomass Safety

Biomass safety is more important that ever before. Biomass energy is now becoming the biggest growth...


General terms for this industry are: Waste Water Treatment and Bio-Mass, Waste to Energy, Municipal waste...


We can use nearly 50 years of experience to make you a safe ATEX compliant company